Pixhawk & JR X-bus

Pixhawk works with PPM. JR X-bus has two modes of PPM. A mode is the JR propriety, and B mode is compatible with other companies hardware (according to JR). However, neither seems to work with X-bus. Nor with the Futaba S-bus input. So the question is: is pixhawk compatible with JR X-bus or will it be in the near future.
many thnx for helping


Just a quick update on my own post. I have been testing more options with JR radio. I used the ppm encoder from 3Drobotics (new version) with the RG731BX receiver from JR. This receiver has 7 PWM output channels which I feed into the PPM encoder and the ppm encoder into the pixhawk. Also this has some serious problems. It works intermittently, apparently depending on the sequence of powering up pixhawk, PPM encoder and receiver. Also I could not arm, probably because the value on the rudder channel is too low…? Conclusion: in my experience, pixhawk and JR is not a good marriage. I switched back to a spectrum AR7000 DMS2 receiver, which when connected to the PPM encoder works fine. I contacted JR about this (through RCJapan.net) and got the reply that pixhawk is not used in Japan, so they have not taken it into account.

I’ll be happy to hear from anyone having the same problems with JR stuff on pixhawk and eventually if you have found a workaround. Thanks for replying.



I haven’t been exactly overwhelmed with recations on my JR - pixhawk related question. But I have been able to get a little further. The combination Pixhawk - PPM concerter of 3D-Robotics - JR radio RG731BX works. I needed to use an extra connection taking power from one of the free pixhawk outputs and putting it into the radio in de sensor port. Now, on my telemetry (on the JR transmitter) I read a constant 5Volts, which is fine. I can fly now (in a technical sense since I am a lousy pilot). Still it would be very interesting if some of you could further analyse the communciation between pixhawk and the ppm protocol of JR. I would like to use one of the more advanced JR radios (with a very good diversity and many sensors for telemetry). But unless JR radios can communicate with pixhawk, I am stuck. All signs of hope would be warmly welcomed!!


What do you mean by this: (putting it into the radio in de sensor port)? I also am working to get my Pixhawk to be friendly to my new JR XG11MV. I also ran into the problem with the PPM encoder from 3DR. Where did you plug the power you had coming from the PH output? Were you trying to say the ± pins at the sensor port on the JR RX?

BTW, 3DR probably just doesn’t want to do anything about X-Bus. Reason I say that is the new ALIGN flight controller for the Align M690L and M480L Multicopters accepts X-Bus mode A and s-bus etc. It’s Arduino based. Go figure.

Probably something simple to make the PixHawk work with X-Bus Mode A, … They just won’t tell us;)