Pixhawk Issue need assistance

Hoping someone can help, I have a lot of knowledge of APM 2.0, 2.5, 2.6 etc…so do not need the basics.
Never had a problem with APM. Received my Pixhawk yesterday. Please note I have tried this with the new APM planner and Mission Planner after the most recent update. This is the issue.
I can connect to the unit via USB ONLY to load the firmware. I am loading the Stable 3.1 and following the procedure exactly, I have an acceptable upload with no errors. BUT the unit after each re-do of this has LED fast blinking Red and I cannot connect via USB to MP or APM Planner, also cannot connect via 3DR radio.
I have also used the firmware from DIY firmware site and loaded as custom. Exact same results
Any help would be appreciated. Thank you much, JEFF


Do you have the speaker hooked up to the Pixhawk?

If the Pixhawk startup sequence is like the PX4, which I have, you have to wait until the second set of tones before connecting via MavLink. The first set of tones is the boot loader followed by a moment of silence and then the second set of tones after which you should be able to connect via MavLink.

I assume that you have the correct Com port and baud rate selected and the SD card inserted in its slot?

Also I have found that using a powered USB hub can help with the USB communication issue. Both the PX4 and Pixhawk take a fair amount of USB current especially with the GPS/Compass module attached.


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Yes correct baud rate , SD card in
I am always stuck in fast blinking red but I will hook the tones up shortly but I usually wait a fair bit before I try to connect
How long should boot sequence take? I only have been using APM until now

OK, here is some more information
I hooked up the buzzer, I am getting continuously 3 short beeps followed by 3 long beeps, they do not stop. Let me know what you think. Thanks, JEFF

Have you read the Pixhawk wiki on installing the firmware and then communicating with the Pixhawk using the MP: http://copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/common-loading-firmware-onto-pixhawk/
Near the end of the wiki there is a section that defines the various tones and their meanings.
Apparently the communication process with the Pixhawk is somewhat different than the PX4. I have a Pixhawk, but have not tried to program it yet.
I assume that you received the correct indications of a successful software upload according to the wiki?
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Yes, followed wiki exactly but I am not getting the musical tone the way it specified upon completion,
I am going to take a quick ride and pick up a USB hub with more power. Other then that, I do not know what issue is. I connect via terminal fine, but I do not know the commands since they are different then the APM terminal in which I can calibrate accelrometers, radio, etc all from the terminal. Thanks again

Hello, I am beginning to think that there are not that many of these out there. I added power to USB and firmware loads quicker , but I still have continuous beeping and red flashing LED on switch. The main LED has no light at all. If someone has successfully flashed using either the new APM or Mission planner please let me know.

FYI, The only way I was able to get this board to life is to install from Qgroundcontrol one of the “Plane” firmware. Whole unit came to life and I could connect via USB. But I have no use for that firmware. If someone has successfully uploaded the firmware via the WIKI, please help if you can I have 7 APM 2.5/2.6, the basic stuff is covered 100%

Or if anyone knows how to reset and erase using terminal (much different then APM) please share. My direct email is Legend1996@gmail.com

thank you!

Please see video, thanks for you help.


I have reported this issue to the 3DR Engineering staff so they can assist you with your Pixhawk issue.
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It seems the Pixhawk is not recognizing the SD card, try to format the card or try with another card if you have an additional one available.

problem solved, thank you