Pixhawk is giving only one PWM signal to rover

I’m trying to connect the Main out pins from pixhawk to the motor controller (Orangutan X2) but I’m getting only one PWM value only from channel 1 --(only throttle is working) remaining all were working, my RC map configuration was default one… RC_map_pitch=4,yaw=2,roll=3;throttle=1 and I’m able to see the Change on values in RC calibration section, but not getting any output except from Main out Channel 1.

Thanks in advance.

First of all how do you have your R/C receiver connected to your Pixhawk?

Are you using the R/C transmitter Elevator (Pitch) joystick for the Rover Throttle control?

Usually the RCMAP parameters are ROLL = 1, PITCH = 2, THROTTLE = 3 and YAW = 4.

However, when I use a Spektrum R/C Satellite Receiver with my Pixhawk I have the RCMAP setup this way:

ROLL = 1, PITCH = 3, THROTTLE = 2 and YAW = 4.


Hello sir,
I’m using ppm encoder to connect to receiver to pixhawk via RC pin and getting outputs from main out pins.

The thing is even when I check the output of the pins through oscilloscope, the pen value for pin 1 is changing but the other pins were not.

Can you attach a log file please. tlog or bin.
Channel 1 is normally steering not throttle. Have you ARMED the rover? Plug your steering into channel 1 output and your throttle into channel 3 output and then ARM and see what happens.
Thanks, Grant.

I have a problem seem

[quote=“APMche, post:5, topic:10578, full:true”]
I have a problem seempx4fw.bin (804.3 KB)
this my bin

Hello sir,
here’s the .tlog file2016-08-03 22-06-28.tlog (785.5 KB)

Hello. I have same problem.
Did you solve it?

You need to ARM the Rover before the throttle channel will work.

Thanks, Grant.