Pixhawk Helicopter using Flysky FS TH9X with ER9X setup

Thanks again in advance for any help. Anyone using a Flysky FS TH9x or Turnigy 9x transmitter with AFHDS protocol and ER9X software to setup a FBL helicopter with a Pixhawk PX4, if so how are you setting up? With Pixhawk and AFHDS protocol you have to use a encoder from PWM to PPM, I have tried using generic AFHDS PPM 8ch receiver with no luck? I have 2 APM 450 helis flying and 1 Pixhawk 450 Arducopter 3.6.9 heli flying well with Flysky 9x. I am trying to setup another 500 heli with Pixhawk and having lot of problems, I would really like to compare notes with someone else that has setup this. thanks

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Me again also anyone using a Flysky FS-I6X with a Pixhawk PX4, Arducopter firmware and PPM receiver, lets compare notes.