Pixhawk GPS Port


I’m doing a project where I’m sending my own GPS coordinates from my Android directly to the GPS port of the Pixhawk because I’m working indoors. I’ve everything wired up, with an OTG cable coming from my smartphone, then connected to a FTDI cable that I soldered with a connector to the GPS port. I connected TX-RX, RX-TX and GND GND. But before I go for testing this on Android, I wanted to try to acquire GPS lock with my Desktop using the same ftdi cable to connect to one of my COM ports. I’ve used an emulator and the main led didn’t stop flashing blue. I’ve read that flashing blue means looking for GPS lock and solid green means it acquired GPS lock. Also was checking with Mission Planner and not a single recognition of the NMEA messages I was sending. I’ve set on the parameters list GPS_TYPE to 5 as I was sending NMEA messages GGA RMC and VTG.

Do you guys have any advice on how to solve this?


Hi RicardoNascimento, are you sure that your pixhawk expects NMEA messages? I think it’s not this protocol… I know i use the Ublox protocol on my own.