Pixhawk flashing red and blue light..passing the pre arm check but still not arming

I have performed all the calibrations on pixhawk for the drone and after esc calibration now the drone is flashing blue and red light and not arming even it passing pre arm check.
There is another issue i want to ask
my esc have bec connection so when i am not plugging the battery and connect the esc pixhawk shows blue light flashing.
but when i connect power module to pixhawk it always shows blue and red light blinking
I tried use esc without bec but still red and blue light flashes.
The manual says blue and red light means initializing please wait…i tried waiting for 20 mins but still no progress.
There are no error message is HUD and it showing disarmed in red colour. i checked messages there are also no error messages.
Can anyone please help why the hexacopter is not arming?

It means the copter is not still enough for calibration to complete, or you never did gyro and accel calibration completely in the first place - or there’s a hardware fault.

Dont have any ESC BECs plugged into the servo power rail except ONE or none. Dont use ESC BECs as the main powersource for the flight controller, they’er too noisy.

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Thank you sir

I have removed all the bec wire and calibrated the radio as well as compass.
but now when i arm from actions in the mission planner it arms.
but when i try to arm from radio it wont arm.
I am arming in indoor and usb is connected to pixhawk while trying to arm using radio.
can you please suggest what can i do?

Is your RC calibration OK and do the bars in MissionPlanner all move the right way?
If throttle is reversed then you could be initiating compass calibration instead of arming.
Otherwise set the LOG_DISAMRED parameter and try again then post a link to the log (.bin) file.

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Thank you very much.
It seems that my rc transmitter is not working properly as it is not recognizing its minimum throttle even calibrating many times.
so i have used auxiliary switch for arming and disarming and now it is working properly but drone is not balanced.

Thank you for your help☺