Pixhawk failsafe landing on 450 trad heli

I’m test flying my 450 FBL heli with a pixhawk and 3DR GPS. All seems to be going OK until the Battery failsafe kicks in, then the heli jumps up and down. I’ve always been near the ground, so able to land manually. Is this normal, if not, is there any adjustments I can make?

Do you have Alt Hold tuned yet? The jumping up and down, is that on the ground or what?

Hi Rob
The jumping up and down is in the air when the battery failsafe occurs. it is quite fierce . I have not tried alt hold yet. The problem is getting a windless day.

Ah, OK, you really need to tune Alt_Hold before using any auto modes or failsafes.

OK, thanks for the help, I’ll now try to setup ALT_Hold. my flying area is a bit small (garden), so I might not test till in a better area.
I have another problem with sideway trim, I put the details on the Pixhawk forum, can you give any help on this?