Pixhawk Failsafe DSM Issue

Good morning
Hopefully you guys can help me figure this out. It may be an equipment compatibility issue iv read conflicting reports thus far.

Equipment :
TX : JR 9303
DSM2 Airmod 2.4 ghz module
AR7010 receiver
Spectrum 9645 Satellite receiver.

The only failsafe function I really need is to cut the throttle should the RC link be lost.

The failsafe feature appears to work if I use the spectrum receiver and a simple servo. (not using pixhawk) when I turn the transmitter off the throttle is cut.

If I install the satellite through the dsm2 port into pixhawk nothing happens when turning the transmitter off. Seems to just hold last known position on all channels including throttle.

If I connect the satilite to the master rx and connect that to the ppm encoder and provide a signal to pixhawk that way failsafe works.

I would really rather move to the satilite only solution as its much simpler and has 1/3 the number of components. Is it possible to do so a retain failsafe function with my current TX. Do I need a new receiver?

Thanks for the help


Hi Steven,

While your PWM values in failsafe screen will remain the same if using only satellite, the pixhawk does detect there was loss of communications and will activate failsafe. Leave throttle failsafe as default 975 value and select failsafe action (try LAND for test). Go to flight data and arm the copter (without propellers), raise the throttle as if you were taking off and turn the Tx off. You should see in the heads up display in big red letters FAILSAFE and LAND.