Pixhawk external LED availability

When will we be able to purchase the external LED for the Pixhawk please ?
I looks as if the IRIS comes with one, so it must exist. Please offer it for the rest of us along
with a suitable I2C cable to connect it.

X 2 !!! Flashing for a predetermined low battery would be great! And another for 5-6 sat locked. That small round light on the pixhawk mine as well be invisible as you can’t see it when your flying. I hope this is a top priority as well!

I’ve one seen one with external led.[youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j5Yp6ZKEOcg[/youtube]

I’m interested in having external led too!

I have all the code running, the question would be, is this something the market would pay for ?
Developed for commercial use, with FLIR control and such, but let be describe what it does:
It reads Mavlink (takes 1 pin, and can be connected in paralell with Telemetry)
Then is displays different, preset, patterns made of 4 LED strips:
One pattern for each flight mode, and some priority patterns: Disarmed, Disarmed+ no sat, low battery, low battery 2 (critical) and a critical state of APM/Pixhawk.

In addition, the code can translate MavLink to Graupners HoTT , and display full HoTT telemetry , like no other project, perfectly and completely, with alarms, vario etc.

Anyway - To split up this addon I’ve made for my commercial products, I’d need to sell it. Giving away FLIR TAU2 / Thermal core control is not an option.

If you look closely, you can see it be used here: youtube.com/watch?v=09NgGU-Knbs

Interesting, but all I want is the external LED as seen in the Pixhawk product accessories:

scroll down to see it :

3DR, are you reading this at all ?

I’m also interrested to buy this LED’s so I wrote to the 3DR Support.
The answer: This LED is only available for Iris.
Purhaps we buy the Iris, to disassemble the LED’s :frowning:


Unfortunately the LED is only available for Iris

Thanks for the quick answer.
May be it is very complicated.
Perhaps we should ask the Swiss University to start a research project again…:slight_smile:


Unfortunately the LED is only available for Iris

I hope you are joking ?!

You are telling us we now have to wait for the chinese copycats to provide us with that $5 piece that
EVERYONE that buys a pixhawk needs ???

Seriously, guys …


Unfortunately the LED is only available for Iris

I surely hope you mean for now but they plan it right? Doesn’t the APM 2.6 have that option? When you upgrade [ to pixhawk ] you would like to think you have a better product with the same or more options not less.

In the product announcement for the Pixhawk, it clearly stated the External LED and Remote USB port would be available shortly. Is 3DR in another universe where time moves slower?
Come on folks, why do you continue to jerk you customers?

Well, they obviously could not care less.

It amazes me why a company would want to NOT sell something that obviously many want
Wonder why, not enough profit margin there ? :unamused:

Hey guys, just came across this. We’re finally at the point where supply is catching up with demand.

We needed to make sure there was enough for our RTFs and IRIS before we could make them available separately.

Thanks for your patience. They should be up very shortly.


And the remote USB port??

Can someone post the link to purchase external LED? I just went through the 17 pages of available parts on the 3DR site and didn’t see it. I could have missed it.

We are still waiting it’s not available yet :frowning:

You must not be familiar with the 3DR product release process…there are usually at least 3 delays before something shows up for real. :unamused:

I’d like to know to this external LED works in Pixhawk?

goodluckbuy.com/3w-4leds-led … model.html

[quote=“jaydrone1+”]I’d like to know to this external LED works in Pixhawk?

goodluckbuy.com/3w-4leds-led … model.html[/quote]
No, that’s for APM.

3DR… While we’re still young please! Which terminal does it connect to? Could you provide a schematic so I could make my own???