Pixhawk - external compass orientation


I’ve got a pixhawk with an external compass (NEO 7N GPS).
When I do the calibration, I select the board “pixhawk” and the manual orientation is automaticaly set to “none”.

What is making me doubt is that the two spheres not rotates the same direction when making the calibration.
At the end, I have the two sets of offsets (second one always have an Y over 300), but my hexacopter flight very well.

My question is : how to be sure that the two compass are correctly oriented, should the two sphere move in same direction or it doesn’t matter ? Is there any risk to have a problem if the compass use to flight failed and the pixhawk try to use the second one (perhaps with bad orientation ?).

Thanks, Ed

Sounds like you are using a GPS/Mag unit that does not come from 3DR. This support forum is for 3DR hardware. It would be hard to help, as we don’t know anything about your hardware. I suspect that you need to change the rotation setting of the external mag, but I couldn’t guess what to set it to. You should ask your hardware vendor for assistance.


In fact, my question is hardware independant : should the two spheres move in the same direction around all axes when we do the compass calibration with an external compass connected correctly oriented ?