Pixhawk ESC calibration

Is there a method similar to APM for the “all at once” ESC calibration for the Pixhawk?
I am using Futaba SBUS

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Hi Jeff,

The all at once ESC calibration works the same on the pixhawk just added the use of the safety switch, please see step 5 of this wiki:

copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/initia … esc-motor/

The radio calibration must be completed before the ESC calibration, I read from the Iris developers’ forum the SBUS is not supported in 3.1 firmware, it will be supported in 3.2

UPDATE: What is not supported yet in 3.1 is the SBUS output which is the port labeled as SB on the Pixhawk. The SBUS receiver must be connected to the port labeled as RC and it is supported on 3.1

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Thank you, worked perfectly!