PIXHAWK erratic connection to GPS (3DR uBlox GPS)


I have strange problem in pixhawk. I has an inconsistent connection to the gps module. I’ve notice that it sometimes detect the gps sometimes not.

By the way this gps is from my APM 2.6 board from 3DR.

I’ve already tested it and it works great, but after several flight I reconnect again to my mission planner but it fail to get 3d pix again and the gps hdop displays 99.9 values. I also try other cable but still no success.

Hope someone here could help me.


3DR anyone?


  1. My PIXHAWK and GPS has erratic connection! Most often it failed to get a 3d pix!
  2. My PIXHAWK has erractic connection with the mission planner too. As a result I failed to calibrate! Accel failed to calibrate as well.
  3. My PIXHAWK has a PPM encoder problem too! I have intermittent connection in Ch8 unless you hold firm that ppm encoder connection?!

Sir it seems to me that you may be possibly using faulty hardware.

Maybe you could try using a different USB cable and reposting back…