Pixhawk dont start

Hi …

i am Tom and i have a problem with the Pixhawk :imp:
He dont start, some beep tones and a solid red LED.

The FMU is booting, Green light and orange blinking
The I/O isnt booting, only the Green light is on, the orange and blue are off

and from the saftyswitch the red light is of …

the log file show " no px4io board found !!!

i try a new SD card, new firmware ( Adurcopter, Arduplane, Qgroundcontrol)
i flash the fmu with the px4fmuv2_bl.bin

in nsh the px4io says:
px4: param_find(sys_restart_type)
telem faild to communicate with IO, abort.
px4io Driver init failed

can anyone help me ???

thanks and regards Tom

Have you tried rebooting the pixhawk with the safety switch depressed?
This should reflash the io board.


Yes, I have already tried…