PixHawk Custom Output of IMU, GPS and Compass

Hello everybody.

I have a PixHawk and,

I want to output the IMU, GPS and Compass data through a port like RC AUX or Serial or any port that PixHawk has. I would receive this data with a micro controller.

Where should I start reading? Maybe I can use Mission Planner.

Thanks your help.

I have a 3DR Aero with PixHawk APM.

Bump. I’m highly interested in this as well.

I hooked up the Telemetry 2 port on my PixHawk to my PC (57600, 8/1, CTS/RTS), and I can hit enter 3 times and go through that menu just fine.

But, if I let it spit out data by itself instead of going through the interactive setup, it shows up ‘corrupted.’ Or more likely, just in a format I can’t decode without some documentation. Does anyone have any idea where to find this documentation?

Picture of the data I’m receiving --> screencast.com/t/FCAWHqhWOg

I do not see anything on Serial 4, but I do get some sort of boot process/log coming out of Serial 5.

This port is used for a GCS or can be configured for return data to the Transmitter.

copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/config … parameters

You would need to use Mavlink to decode this data which I have done with a Micro Controller.

Hard to understand at first but can be done in standard C code.


I guess it makes sense that the output would be in Mavlink packets. Very helpful!

Did you come across any documentation showing the actual hex format of the packets? ( <data0…n> etc)

I looked around for quite a while yesterday, and pretty much only found the command headers that you linked to, but no information on how to actually decode the messages. Short of going through the code itself, that is…


Or, I could do a google search on bing, and find this very helpful page:

eastbay-rc.blogspot.com/2013/04/ … oding.html