Pixhawk crash prevented by DJI A3

Good morning all, I was wondering if you could help me. I have a 72kg x8 that uses both a Pixhawk and a DJI A3. Only one flies the copter at any time and I can switch midflight should one fail. I am in the process of tuning my Pixhawk and in the flight detailed I felt pretty good with the tune apart from it did seem to gain or loose a lot of height at the end of a straight run (although I know this is normal for X8s). Anyway at the end of the one run where I would expect the copter to raise as it slowed it sank and then very nearly flipped as shown in this video https://youtu.be/UzAKWr6wKGw . It was only by switching to the A3 that the copter became stable again. Any ideas as to what caused this? Incidentally I am not saying that the A3 is better, no way, its just that in this case the A3 is well setup on this machine. Here is a link to the lgos including bin file.. Oh one thing I forgot to mention is that I am using the throttle stick to counter the altitude changes to see how much is needed.


Hi @Carapau
looking at RCOUT values we can see motor overshot in your log, it could be becase of bad PIDs or high vibration

but in your case i think its because of high vibration

you have high amount of z vibration with clipping with this amount of vibration your copter will not able to keep stability
you can try harmonic notch filtering to filter out this
after this if problem still present try to set INS_ACCEL_FILTER = 10

Awesome, thank you. I’ll have a look.

How to use a Pixhawk and a DJI A3 same time on a copter?

I would love to tell you however that’s the one bit of the copter that I can’t divulge due to IP. Sorry.