Pixhawk constant beeping after disarm

Just got an Iris+. It is awesome! Took it for her maiden flight and got a tad over 20min (no GoPro or gimbal) with the stock battery, mostly just hovering around in Alt hold with a bit of loiter. Sweet!

Question is: After I disarm, the Pixhawk continues to beep (single beep, every couple seconds). Green light is still flashing (indicating GPS lock and disarmed). But why the beep? Is this normal?

Tried to look here: copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/common … PX4_Sounds

But no sound there match the single continuing beep I am hearing.

Thanks in advance!

Mine is doing the same thing. After the safety check and the unit is disarmed. I assume it’s a heartbeat. I thought it functioned as a “find me” tone if the system auto-landed.

I set mine up and wanted to test flight (I’m travelling at the moment" so I had this beeping machine drawing lots of attention as I walked through the hotel.

Hope you enjoy yours!

I have been flying the Iris for about a year now and can confirm that the “beep - beep” your hearing is normal while in the standby mode. It is actually generated by the ESC’s and I can only guess that it is meant to be a notification that you still have a battery connected to the system. In any case, it is not a problem and can be seful when you make an emergency landing far from your home position. My Iris has had to make several unscheduled landings due to low battery, lost GPS signal, and pilot error :open_mouth: . The little beep tone was somewhat helpful to find the little bird out in the sagebrush. Hope that helps to clear up the mystery. Happy flying.

The beep beeep after disarming means that the ESCs are not receiving a PWM signal. This is because the safety switch cuts all PWM control signals to the ESCs when disabled. You don’t hear it on startup when you first plug in a battery, only after the ESCs have been first engaged with the safety button is first pressed.