Pixhawk Compass and GCS?


I’m using apm for 1 years and decided to upgrade to pixhawk. Yesterday my pixhawk arrives but having some questions that apm experience doest solve.
First one is MP and Qgroundcontrol. I see that 2 gcs’s using different firmwares. One firmware doesnt work on other gcs. Which one is suitable for pixhawk? Also i cant see any universal x configuration on qgc vehicle setup. How can i select an universal quadx configuration like in mp?

Second one is i have hmc5983 from glb. The markings on compass seems strange to me. I want to try&find way to find correct orientation but cant select external compass. Even selecting pixhawk in mp or compass_primary doesnt affect. How can i know my external compass is working or how to select for primary?


Today i inspected compass module and noticed that pixhawk i2c channel gives 4,83v and compass module has not onboard regulator. Probably it burnt