Pixhawk clone 2.4.8 motor order issue

I have been fighting this one for a bit, and need some help. I have 2 quads I am working on, both using 2.4.8 pixhawk clones,m using 4.0.3. I have tried different firmwares, and same issue. I connect motors using the quad X diagram. Motor order on FC is matched to diagram. When I test motors, 1 is correct, the others are all out of order. If I move connections to match order in MP, ignoring FC order, quad crashes. Pixhwak_outputs

Connect up the motors to match that diagram - main out1 to motor 1, main out 2 to motor 2 and so on…
In mission planner motor test, A will be motor 1 (front right) B will be motor 4 (back right), C will be motor 2 (back left) and D is motor 3 (front left) . The test sequence is clockwise for all frame types.
While you’re testing check the spin directions, and check for slowest reliable start-up percentage. Set that as MOT_SPIN_ARM, like 0.10. Add .03 to that and set MOT_SPIN_MIN, like 0.13


OH MY, I am being that stupid. I thought motor test was going in order with motor numbers. It was working OK from get go. THANKS!!!

You and 100 others Mike, don’t feel stupid :slight_smile: