Pixhawk binding with DX9

It seems no one can give me a straight answer for binding the Pixhawk configured for a hexacopter in QGroundControl with a Spektrum DX9. I’ve tried using just Spektrum satellites, the AR9310, AR6210, and an SBUS Orange RX 8 Channel.

Is the DX9 supported or not- everyone says no but there are clearly instructions for the DX9 or Pixhawk’s website. pixhawk.org/peripherals/radio-co … ektrum_dsm

I’m not too keen on buying a new transmitter and need to help. Even if only 7 channels are supported that is perfectly fine for the moment.

I am using a Spektrum DX7 on my PX4 Flip Sport without any problem using one of the Spektrum satellite receivers.

At one time there was a problem with the DX9 transmitter working correctly with the satellite and the Pixhawk but I believe that is resolved with the latest release 3.2 and if it is fixed the procedure is simple.

Worth a try anyway and you can only use a single satellite.

Connect the satellite to any Spektrum receiver that can accommodate a satellite and bind the transmitter to the receiver as you normally would.

Then disconnect the receiver and connect the satellite to the Pixhawk to the PPM Sum receiver input channel.

Fire it up you should be talking to the satellite just like it was a normal receiver.

Look here on the DIYDrones wiki - I wrote this page and it works on my copter :slight_smile: :

copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/common … on_PPM-Sum

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v3.2 of what? QGroundControl or Pixhawk firmware?

I tried to use a DX18 with a 3DR X8 which uses pixhawk and discovered it was incompatible. 3drobotics suggested using a PPM encoder they offer to allow connection of a full spektrum receiver, but even that would still only allow 8 channels of reception.

I did not see the page you linked from the pixhawk site but it is interesting (and confusing)! I would love to get more channels to be able to take advantage of full gimbal control and such.

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Hi Brian,
3.2 of the Pixhawk firmware (I think).

You can get it in Mission Planner Initial Setup - Install Firmware - Beta Firmwares section.

There was definitely an issue with Spektrum transmitters with over 8 channels and I believe they have addressed it and fixed it, but I am not positive.

In any case, the way to try it is simple enough.

Hook up any satellite supporting receiver plus 1 satellite to a battery and then simply bind the transmitter to it as you normally would,

Then insert the satellite only into your copter connect it to the Pixhawk PPMSum In connection.

Load the 3.2 firmware to the Pixhawk.

And you should be able to see the transmitter stick bars move up and down in the Mission planner Config/Tuning - RC transmitter setup section when you move the sticks on your turned on transmitter.

If that doesn’t work they still haven’t fixed the 9+ channel Spektrum transmitter bug and it will only work on DX 6, 7 and 8.

I don’t know for sure of any PPM-Sum receiver that will work with Spektrum Transmitters although the FRSky Delta 8 will work with Hitec and Futaba transmitters.

In any case, since you already have a Spektrum DX9, a receiver and a satellite it is definitely worth giving it a try.

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No dice. Anyone else have a suggestion?

There was definitely an issue with Spektrum transmitters with over 8 channels and I believe they have addressed it and fixed it, but I am not positive.

There was never an issue with over 8 channels. When we introduced Pixhawk, a decoder for >8 Channel radios had not been written and all the documentation says we do not support > 8 channels.

The decoder is written now and is included in the 3.2 release candidates.

We still do not have the ability to bind a receiver using APM (You can with the PX4 flight code and QGC) . You need to bind the satellite to a main receiver using a binding plug and a transmitter.

If you have 3.2 loaded and you are not seeing the signals show up, please check your wiring and make sure the satellite is correctly bound.

So, would I be correct in assuming that a DX6i and a Spektrum 6ch satellite receiver should work with the Pixhawk, connecting the satellite directly into the DSM port on the Pixhawk after binding with the receiver connected ? How much range would I lose, if any, using just the satellite rather than an actual receiver? It seems I read in the Pixhawk documents that the range could be reduced using just the satellite…

I do not use the Spektrum Satellite receiver on any of my planes as it has limited range compared to a full up receiver. I only use the Spektrum Satellite receiver on my Rovers as they are never more that 200 meters away LOS.

Yeah, that makes perfect sense. While I generally fly over the towns soccer pitch (after the kids go home) and I don’t fly far, I don’t want to constantly have to worry about loss of Tx signal. Guess I’ll have to give this more thought before buying a Pixhawk. This is my first “frame up” quad build and I’m learning a lot! Thanks for the feed back!

Just a side note. I swore by my Spektrum DX7s and DX8 “UNTIL” I bought my new Taranis Plus. A little bit of a learning curve, but worlds above the Spektrum offerings. And not that expensive either. I also just bought a Spektrum module and popped it in the back of my Taranis, and can fly my Spektrum receivered models too.