PixHawk Armed but Motors Don't Spin

Hello all,
I am new to RC and have been scouring forums to try to find the solution to this with no luck.
I have a quadcopter that I am trying to control with a PixHawk (PX4). I included a video of my wiring and start up procedure if that helps. In it, you can see I power the system and, wait for the PixHawk to finish its start up sequence, then plug in the motor signal wires and immediately press the safety switch until it is solid (notice the ESCs do not seem to activate as they don’t beep). I then successfully arm the system (it’s hard to see in the video, but the main LED goes solid blue). And then I try the throttle but there is no response from the motors.
I was able to successfully calibrate my transmitter and it is bound to my receiver. I can spin the motors and calibrate my ESCs via my transmitter/receiver only, but get no response from them whatsoever with the PixHawk.
Any help would be hugely appreciated!

Have all the wires plugged in before powering up for a start.
Have you done all the calibrations?

My PixHawk isn’t fully armed until the big LED goes green. Blue means the system passed all the startup tests, but until you have a GPS lock, you won’t go green. Btw if you have the LED taped over because it’s so bright, there is a setting that can adjust the brightness. Are you using mission planner?

Thank you all for your input! I was able to resolve this by replacing my ESCs, the ones I was using were incompatible with the PixHawk.