Pixhawk and Emax Formula 45A BLHeli32 32Bit

Hi guys,
Sorry for all the random posts. I’m trying to complete a project for school using pixhawk. I recently purchased some Emax Formula 45A BLHeli32 32Bit ESCs to power my drone and didn’t realize that 7-8 years ago, there was an issue between Pixhawk and Emax. I’m wondering if someone has completed the connection and gotten it to work or not? I did see under a github forum that someone has completed it before, I was wondering how?

7-8 yrs ago they would not have been BLHeli32 ESC’s. My guess is there would be no problem.

Hi dkemxr,
I’m currently having troubles with that specific BLHeli32 ESC’s. I connected them to my PDB and the motors and know that power/voltage is going through them because I checked with a multimeter and when I plug in the battery, the motor makes some startup noises indicating it has power. The issue is that when I connect the ESC’s to the CubePilot (Orange) which sits on top of a pixhawk. Then go test the motors, it doesn’t turn the motors at all. This tells me the signal between the Pixhawk and ESC’s aren’t communicating properly. Which is what I saw was an issue with this brand many years ago. I was wondering if anyone has used this ESC’s with the pixhawk and how they got it working. I currently have the signal wire connected to the signal pin and same for the ground wire/pin.

Post photos, and firmware versions of ArduCopter and the BLHeli32 ESC`s

Hi Amilcarlucas,
I’m not too sure what Firmware version was installed onto the BLHeli32 ESC’s because I recently unpackaged them. The ArduCopter Version is the latest version of ArduCopter V4.1.5 Quad. I attached a photo of the drone and ESC’s. The wires a bit of mess but that’s because I’m testing everything works one by one before throwing it onto the drone completely. The ESC’s signal wire is connected to main 1 pins. White to signal pin, black to GND pin.

Post the parameter file.

I will post it tomorrow since I left the drone at the lab

I think I solved some of my issues and got some of my motors working. I was doing research last night and wasnt aware I had to change some DShot parameters. I changed them and 2 of the motors work and the other 2 might be my soldering so i will continue debugging.


That’s why I asked for the Parameter file. Many times the proper parameters to get Dshot and passthru are not configured properly.

That’s understandable, I’m new to ardupilot so thank you for your time and patience with me. I’m going to continue to work on getting all motors working, but I think I’m heading in the correct direction for now and will leave this post as it is for now. Thank you!