Pixhawk and 2s power through stock power module?

I am scared of powering my PixHawk from the main power batteries (6s) after a 12s bec failure last year put full voltage into all my electronics. I am also trying to avoid installing the 6s attopilot sensor, for now. My copter will always be flying very nearby and I use screamers on the 6s packs themselves to warn of an unexpected low voltage situation.

My question is this: Can I power the PixHawk through the supplied power module with a 2s lipo (with nothing connected to the output end of the power module) and run the 6s flight packs completely separate? Will this confuse any other components/parameters? I realize I won’t get any voltage/current data from the flight packs, but could I use the failsafe features to guard against low voltage on the 2s pack?

Hi surfsloper,

You will be able to configure and have measurements of the 2S lipo connected to the power module and you can use a separated lipo as flight battery without confusing any parameter or configuration.

You also will be able to configure the battery failsafe for the 2S lipo, but have in mind this might be not practical since the flight packs will run out of juice faster than the 2S lipo, so you should have enough power in the flight packs to do a landing or RTL when the 2S lipo battery failsafe is triggered. And of course you will rely on the screamers on the 6s packs for low voltage detection.

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