Pixhawk 4 + R-XSR + X9D = no telemetry, no matter what I try! Anyone have this setup working?

Hi all-

Apologies for the somewhat desperate-sounding title…! But I’ve been going round and round on this problem for a few days now and it seems as though I’ve tried just about everything. And still no telemetry.

It seems like every time I watch another video on the topic, I go into Mission Planner and find another parameter that seems like it’s surely the problem!

At this point I believe that telemetry is NOT being sent by the R-XSR. It’s bound to the X9D and the quad is flyable. I just don’t see (nor can I discover) any sensors. I have tried many permutations of firmware, TELEM/UART ports and parameter settings to no avail.

Any suggestions are more than welcome!


You need this message

https://youtu.be/wAWdZoBrsug also this man done with something like this

Happy flying :slightly_smiling_face: