Pixhawk 4, quadcopter, will not take off

I have a Quadcopter drone that uses Pixhawk 4.
The problem:

  • All calibration etc in the Mission Planner works ok.
  • The motors spin in the calibration/test
  • When starting up (stabilized mode) the motors spin for a few seconds at low speed and then stop. (works the same every time)
  • After the motors stop spinning, or during the time they are spinning: When applying the throttle the RPM will increase for a very short time (maybe 0.1 sec or so) and then everything shut off. The Pixhawk and everything else will just lose power and shut off immediately.

I can not find the problem and would appreciate any suggestions or support, thanks!!!

This sounds like a power problem.

Either the battery is dead, or it is not fully charged.

Thanks for the advice. But the battery is fully charged so there must be another problem. It is almost as if there was a fuse that shuts of as soon as I hit the throttle.

Ahh, there actually WAS a fuse that was rated too low. Now it´s removed and the propellers are spinning nicely.

Waht kind of fuse a you relatin to. Can you provide a photo?

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