Pixhawk 4 Mini and Arducopter Firmware

Has anyone set up Arducopter on a Pixhawk 4 Mini? It’s advertised as optimized for PX4 Pro but should work with Arducopter for antenna tracker purposes.


Type “Pixhawk 4 Mini” in the search box and select “In all Topics and Posts”. There are pages…

I was hoping to talk to someone who has actually set one up for Arducopter. The search box shows mostly others with unanswered questions…

There is Tracker firmware for that Flight Controller. Post in the Tracker thread if there are problems right? A Bdshot version of firmware was added just 2 months ago so development is still active.

[quote=“Rick_Riggins, post:3, topic:91307”]
[/quote]The problem is getting Arducopter set up on the Pixhawk 4 Mini. I can’t seem to get the OSD or GPS to work . I’m fairly sure it is the serial communication information. I just don’t know what it is supposed to be.