Pixhawk 2.4 RTL mode issue

Why dose my Quad RTL and land but will not disarm and will take off a few feet then land gain and then disarm

This is usually due to a some or all of the following factors preventing the copter from detecting that it has landed, with some wiki links to get you started troubleshooting.

  • Excessive vibration making IMU z-axis unable to detect lack of vertical movement.
  • Barometer ground effect from propeller wash. Enabling parameter GND_EFFECT_COMP may help
  • Hitting the ground too hard if you increased parameter LAND_SPEED too high.

Thanks for the info, I forgot to mention that I have a TFmini lidar connected Facing downward that may also be the cause,


I see the minimum range for the TF Mini is 30cm. So it is probably not providing accurate information at closer than 30cm above ground. See the wiki page for it here.