Pixhawk 2.4.8 not flying stable

Hi guys, I have just finished configuring my Pixhawk and took it for my first flight. I was able to arm it and it flew up but It was really wobbly and not flying stable and always tried coming back and had to push the pitch and roll stick forward and right respectively.

What could be the reason? please explain the trouble shooting in easy ways, I am a beginner into this.

Thank you

It’s very difficult for us to guess what the problem might be from just your description. If you give us a flight log, we can look into why this was happening.

To get a flight log, you can either remove the SD card from the Pixhawk and copy the logs out of the /APM/logs/ folder, or connect a GCS like Mission Planner or QGroundContol and download the logs. If the log file is too big to attach to the forum post, you can put it on Google Drive or some other web storage and link it.

Have you tried Autotune. Normally Autotune configures the PIDs very well so that there maybe only some finetuning necessary afterwards. I usually reduce the values I got from Autotun around 10-20%.