Pixhawk 2.4.8 not arming


I’m not able to calibrate radios.
Error:- Failed to set channel 1.
Gps No 3d Fix is showing
Not able to arm
Please help me.

Many thanks

If you can’t successfully calibrate the radio, don’t worry about moving on to Arm.
You need to say what radio and receiver you have and exactly how it’s connected.
Have you studied the documentation and connection diagrams?

Read through as much doco as you can especially tuning and first time setup. Almost nothing flies first time and it’s not plug and play - at least until you are experienced and have the process nailed down.

Thanks for the reply buddy.

Failed to set channel 1 ERROR is popping up.
I’m using flysky ct6b.

Yes, I have gone through the documentation.

Throw that radio in the trash where it belongs.

At one point I had a CT-6B that came as part of a 450 heli RTF kit. That radio was total trash and it is not at all suitable for using with a Pixhawk.

The last thing you want to go cheap on is the radio. Find something that runs OpenTX like a Jumper T16, a Radio Master T16S, or a FrSky Taranis QX7 and get a receiver that has SBus and S.Port. I use FrSky X8Rs, but you can also use a Radiomaster R8 receiver (which I also have…)

FYI, I would not touch a Jumper T12 with a 10 foot poll. I have one because I volunteered to review it. I turned out to be totally inadequate and ergonomically is feels more like a toy that it does a real radio. I have it a huge thumbs down and not Banggood will not talk to me. Their loss…

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Thanks for your support.
I appreciate your help.