Pixhawk 2.4.8 in 2020 for ardurover

Hi all i am new to the using flight controllers/auto pilots and would like to uuse one for my rover project. I was having a look at some of the flight controllers such as APM, 2.5-2.8, Pixhawk and Navio.

I am interested in the Pixhawk 2.4.8 and Pixhawk 4 and was wondering if it worth the extra money for the pixhawk 4 or just get the 2.4.8. I will mainly be doing the standard navigation and collecting some data saving it to a web server using an node MCU (Separate from the pixhawk).

Is there anywhere that i can see the differences between the two? Thank you all

Good day,
if you don’t need to much performances you can look for the mro x2.1 red board, it’s the same of the pixhawk one but a little bit more small… so you can keep space on your project. It’s fully computer with ardupilot firmware and very customizable