Pixhawk 2.4.8 (clone)main led not work, neopixel strip works perfect

Hello, as the title says, ph main led not work, this happen after hardware change, i connect 5v from the kramam blheli 32 to the serial 4 that i use for esc telem, after this mistake, the main led not work and i get the “config error fix it and then reboot”, i see too motors not allocated.
First i try to upload old firmware and the simptoms persists, i hange the brd type parameter from 0(auto) to 2(pixhawk). After that the pixhawk seems to work fine, but the main led no work.
I upload bootloader with dfu mode, upload succes but the main led no work…install ph4 from qgc, all work but not the main led, lbuil firmware from waf but i cant get the main led work.
I fly my quad ( little flys to probé the pix, all seems to work but no the main led.
What coul be the cause for this?
Broken led? When i connect the pix from usb or battery the led blink one time.
Thanks for the comunity help!