Pixhawk 2.4.8 Chinese Clone Always calibrating ESC upon armed

Does anyone here experience that I always need to calibrate the ESC in order to arm my quadcopter? Or am i missing something like theres no need to calibrate i just need to on some things like what? Thank you.


Can you provide some more information, e.g.

-Which escs are you using?
-Are you getting a message somewhere that says the escs require calibrating ?
-Or are you assuming they require calibrating because they are beeping?


I would try try rebinding the tx/rx.

Hello, I using 30A ESC and A2212 1000KV. Im using mission planner where I install the 3.4 version of firmware and calibrate all the necessary things like frame type, accel ESC. Upon starting to throttle the drone started going up a little bit at the middle of the throttle and its drifting supposedly it should be steay as i tried to hover. What Am I missing?

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