Pixhawk 2.1, Taranis XD9 & Tarot T-3D 3

Hello all,

I have a Tarot 3-axis gimbal that I would like to have the pitch adjustable with the Pixhawk 2.1 using a Taranis XD9.

How do I assign the channel (Radio 12) to S1 of the Taranis in Mission Planner? I know I have to assign a channel to S1
I have the gimbal on aux out 1 and 2 on the hawk.

Thanks to all that read!

Assuming pitch is on Aux 1 configure SERVO9_FUNCTION to RCIN12 (62). That will passthrough chan12 to Aux 1 for direct control. Alternatively you can configure this on the Camera Gimbal page of MP. SERVO9 for Tilt and InputCh RC12.This will assign Chan12 to MNT_RC_IN_TILT & Mount_Tilt to SERVO9_FUNCTION.

Perfect, thank you. Is SERVO10_FUNCTION AUX2 on the Pixhawk?
Just want to make sure I know the numbering of the outputs.
Like the Main Out should be SERVO1 to SERVO8 I’m guessing?

That’s right, you got it! If you use the Camera Gimbal setup procedure you can see if it’s working on the Flight Data Status Tab. Check chan12 input frm the pot and the “campointa” output (degrees). The angle that correposnds with the PWM input can be adjusted on the setup page.