Pixhawk 2.1 plugs vs pixhawk1

I have a pixhawk one set up on my quad. I want to upgrade to pixhawk cube. Is it possible to take out the pins of the df 13 plugs and fit them to the new type the cube uses?

No. The pins will not fit in the Cube connector shells.

If your plugged in devices have plugs to unplug them on the device side. Cube comes with lots of wire jst-gh to df13. but if hardwired no

So you cut the existing pixhawk1 plug and replace with pixhawk 2.however as i dont like cutting wires isnt there any adaptor that can connect?

adapters can fail, never use more connectors than needed.
always solder very joint and remove as much connectors as possible.

Is it ok if i use the existing power cable from pixhawk1 for pixhawk 2.1? Of course i need to change the plug so it can fit

yes you can use the existing power module :slight_smile: