Pixhawk 2.1 motor order

Hi amazing Ardupilot community

I have a question regarding motor order for pixhawk 2.1.

I have the arducopter 3.5 installed on my X quad and had a crash in my flight right during take off.

There was a rather strong gust that might be cause of the crash but I am not sure if I may have the motor in the wrong order.

I followedthe configuration of the pixhawk 2 document, which is also documneted on their website when installing copter firmware.

Should I follow the arducopter motor order instead?

Thank you all in advance!!

Pixhawk assembly guideimage|662x500


Your document is OK; Motors 1 to 4 connect as the document.

Position of the motors on the frame are to be set following the arducopter document.

1 is Front Right CCW
2 is Back Left CCW
3 is Front Left CW
4 is Back Right CW

No mystery, follow the doc.


Thanks Marc, that was a prompt reply!

I misunderstood the document as representing motor positions on a quad!