Pixhawk 2.1 - Mavlink2


This might be a strange question or something that i misunderstood completely.

As i understand, Mission Planner supports MavLink2. However, that mavlink of course needs to connect to something that supports it as well. Does the firmware of the pixhawk 2.1 support mavlink2? If so - can i force that as well?

It’s just a security question that i’m wondering about!

I’ve had mine set this way since I set it up around the first of the year.
No issues I’ve observed.
Same with several Pixhawks and various Sik radios / mfgs - fwiw.

Hi lance,

Thanks for the response. Can you maybe tell me what you mean with “set this way” - how do you enable mavlink2?
There seems very little documentation around this :slight_smile:

Sure… whichever serial port you have your Sik radio connected to, in mission planner, connect and under config find the parameter “Serial"your port”_Protocol" .Change value to 2. Write change and reboot.

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What advantanges does Mavlink 2 have over 1.
And does Mission Planner support it?

If ML2 is superior then why not shut off ML1 and start using ML2, exclusively?