Pixhawk 2.1 battery power

I have not been able to find this information, if I missed it could you direct me to the post.

I am using a pixhawk 2.1 to fly a helicopter. The helicopter is powered by a 12S battery (two 6S lipos). Is it safe to power the pixhawk via the provided power connector (power brick mini) connected with the 12S? Or do I want to only use a single 6S (this would cause an imbalance between batteries in voltage)? Or is it best to use another battery just for the pixhawk?

Thank you for the help!

Personally I’d use Mauch power modules on something like that.I use them and a hub on my big Tarot hexa (2x 6S in parallel).I’ll get a warning if one battery drops faster than the other giving plenty of time to land before the other sort of landing.

If you’re not sure which set up to use contact Christian Mauch himself through the site.He is most helpful and accommodating.

The provided power brick is rated for up to 8S. You’ll need to use a different power module if you want current and voltage sensing for your 12S. The Mauch sensors are very nice, although they need to be powered separately, which means getting both a current sensor and a UBEC. There are other 12S power modules with built-in Pixhawk power supply, which would be a simpler solution.