PixHawk 2.1 autopilot height holding error

Hello to everyone. I have the PixHawk 2.1 autopilot. I built a quadplane. there is a problem. When I take off in QHOWER mode, the plane gets altitude. but after 1 meter of altitude the plane is landing again. In the mission planner application, I see the altitude drop suddenly. VTOL engines can not reach the required RPM power. ESC brand ipeka 35A X4. All settings were made for ESC.

How can I solve this problem?


I have moved your post to the Arduplane category where a lot more people will see it and provide answers.
I have also removed your other post as a duplicate.

To get answers you need to provide information.
From what little information you have given there can be many causes.
Sounds like your battery is not up to the task.
But that is a guess unless you tell us more.
Post your .bin file from the Pixhawk.
Descriptions of motors, props, AUW, battery, the more information you provide the more likely you are to get an answer relating to the problem.