Pixhawk 2.0 DF40c

I want to remove the IMU outside of the pixhawk Cube to prevent electromagnetic interferences. Anyone knows where I can find a DF40c connector cable?

You want to what… To prevent what ?
Sounds like you need to rethink it all.

@Andre-K so I have a hexacopter which have a lot EMI because the PCB have big uncovered solder mask on the both sides. So the magnetometer have to be placed outside of the hexacopter but all the connection are inside which is preprepared to receive the pixhawk with no wires. Sorry for not being so clear but I only need to know where I can find that cable and if you can help me and tell me where I can find the cable I will be appreciated =D

ok, so not the IMU, but the magnetometer.
The usual solution would be to add an external magnetometer, disable the internal. it’s a simple-to-add 4-pin I2C device.

i think there is some misunderstood between us.
pixhawk 2 has an insulated and dampened IMU, placed just above the pilot - > the complete unit is called CUBE. Check the link : http://www.proficnc.com/
The unit will be placed on the center of our hexacopter. Because of this, we still think that current interference will be an issue. That’s why we are trying to displace the IMU block away from magnetic interferences.


It sounds like you both agree the electromagnetic (EM) interference will affect the magnetometer. Why do you think the EM will also affect the IMU?

But if we you see on the website of pixhawk you can find that IMU (in the CUBE) have attached the magnetometer, and I don’t want to use an external magnetometer, I just want to use the CUBE and put it outside (only the CUBE) with a DF40c cable extension.

Ah, I understand. Thank you.

For several reasons, I recommend you re-consider.

  1. I believe the software assumes the cube is near the center of gravity, so physically locating the cube far from that may cause problems,
  2. In my experience, the internal magnetometer is unreliable, an external magnetometer is necessary for accurate heading information, and
  3. I’m not aware of any “simple” cable for displacing the IMU cube. I doubt it exists.

BUT, I think I understand what you’d like to do. If, despite my recommending against it, you still want to try to displace the IMU cube (via a cable) then I’m not of any more help.

The connector is a Hirose DF17 80 position. Receptacle on the carrier board and plug on the Cube. I did not find any mention of compatible cable in Hirose’s catalog or from a quick Google search. If you’re really determined, you may be able to create one; the connectors can be gotten from electronics suppliers such as Digikey. Probably you would need to create a PCB that interconnects this DF17 plug to a FFC/FPC ribbon cable.

But as others have said, it would be easier and probably more robust to use an external magnetometer.

@hunt0r @Anubis Thanks for yours reply, I will check yours recommendations. Thanks one more time