Pixhack v3x EKF warnings

hey folks,
i’ve bought and installed the pixhack v3x as @ChrisOlson kindly recommended to me. all is working nicely as i can see. but i recognised some EKF issues at the bench. not in flight! my heli is just standing on the desk and all the time primary change warnings by EKF and Restart Warnings. any advice for me?

sorry forgot to say its latest beta for heli…

i also use QGC planner for ipad and also always got these on start after connecting…

Finish all the setup and check by keeping the aircraft in outdoors. Everything should be fine.

Hey @Mallikarjun_SE,
it try all settings outdoors. It’s not working for me. Calibrating the Compass Outdoor also went wrong. As I read here the community keep in mind to change to a extern GPS/ Compass Module.

Are you getting the same messages after setting up everything?
Set LOG_DISARMED=1 and share log.

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Perhaps you can try to calibrate with the heli motor out. Later, permit arming with mag errors.

I always calibrate the Mag without running the engine because it’s a 25cc gas heli :sweat_smile:

Hey Guys,
problem solved by changing to external gps with build in compass.

I always observed the mag disturbance on single motor vehicles (rover, heli) when calibrating with the motor on. May be you have some permanent mag field near the internal compass (magnetized screw or whatever). Perhaps you can check that with a clasical needle compass.