Pitch setting..Help!

Hi Folks,

I am really having troubles to get my X8 wing’s pitch tuned. Attached are tlog file and a pitch graph picture. I will appreciate your suggestions to solve it.
My X8 HK wing hobbyking.com/hobbyking/stor … 120mm.html Setup: Motor: NTM4238, 750 Kv , 780 W max. ESBC: Turnigy 80 Amp Folding propeller: 14x7 Battery : 4S 5000mAh
regards AA

Please post a screenshot of your APM:Plane Pids.

Here it is.

OK, my suggestion is to set the D values for roll and pitch to 0 or at least single digits like 0.005. Then raise your I value to 0.200 (or even higher for pitch).
Lastly when you do your radio calibration check that you’ve moved the sticks to all four corners (not just up/down & left/right) otherwise APM doesn’t see enough servo throws.
From the graph it looks like your nav controller is requesting a certain amount of pitch but the aircraft is not achieving that amount.

Thanks Graham,
I’ll test your recommendation and let you know back. As per your last comment, I also set my radio with more elevator servo travel and did a new radio calibration in the PM.