Pitch adjustment on Transmitter via mission Planner

Hi all:

I have a couple issues I need to address, the first of which is what I believe to be a pitch problem. Upon takeoff my IRIS+ (only 2 months old) wants to flip backwards. In order to lift off I need to apply Down pitch (push forward right joystick). When I connect the IRIS (PX4) to my computer, via mission planner (MP) I go to initial setup >>> mandatory hardware >>>then radio calibration. MP gave me a channel 2 pitch reading of 1902 - 2016. MP also tells me normal is 1100-1900. How do I change this?? I’m hopeful this will also solve the problem of the IRIS not hovering in loiter mode.

The other issue Im having is my IRIS apparently flew off by itself. It didn’t get far before slamming into my house. I was simply trying to hover and test my radio settings. I’ve attached the log for the flight in case someone can help me. From what I can tell there is a point where my pitch/roll input clearly do not match the pitch/roll action of the IRIS. Can anyone help me figure this out? Pretty please??. all Batteries waslly charged, gps lock and 9 satellites.

Over all I really like the quad but honestly I’ve spent 10 times more time simply trying to get it to fly properly. any help would be greatly appreciated.

Just a quick update…I connected the IRIS to MP just now, double checked the radio calibration pitch reading in Mission Planner. It was almost exactly the same as yesterday. Next I looked at the transmitter (FS-TH9X) display menu which shows the stick position (in the square boxes). The right stick was 80% pitch up (Right stick down) . Frustrated I starting flipping each channel switch and dial one at a time, a few times each and when I looked back at the transmitter menu, the right stick position was indicated exactly in the center of the box where it should be. I went back to MP and looked at the radio calibration reading for pitch and it was very close to the “normal” range of 1100-1900.

For now it seems normal and I will attempt another test flight tomorrow.

On the FlySky TH9Xthat came with my Iris+, my “yaw” will go off center, from time to time, (on the radio screen). I do a quick calibration, and it settles down, but still once in awhile when I turn it on, it will be just a tad off center ??? :open_mouth:

Hi Cooter:

Right now I think the problem is with my radio. I’ve calibrated the sticks to center from the Tx menu several times and when I go to arm the Iris, I see the Pitch has changed back to Waaaayy off center. No wonder it is doing back flips on take off. I’m going to call 3dr and see what they say. I’ll probably try it again today. couldn’t get it to arm yesterday…I think my Tx batteries were a bit low yesterday.

Do you know how to interpret the logs cooter? I’m really a newbie here.