PIDs for XUAV Talon

I have heard that this airframe is relatively good to go out of the box with APM. Anyone have any config files or PIDs to share on this bird?

I doubt you will find PIDs for APM about the XUAV Talon because V tail is not supported by the arduplane firmware.
It seems the only way to use a V tail frame is to buy an external V tail mixer piece of hardware.

VTail is supposed by the APM after code release 2.71. My board attachment quota has been reached so I can’t post a screen shot of my PIDS. I have however posted my latest PIDS at RCGroups. … tcount=331

Use these with a grain of salt as I’m still tuning my Talon. The PIDS in the post will at least get you off the ground via Auto Launch.

Here’s PIDs I ran earlier this week. The Talon will need at least a 30 meter radius waypoint circle. Keep in mind that YMMV based on weight and power setup. If you use this make sure you set the six mode positions, calibrate the Air Sensor, Go through TECS, and calibrate the radio. Again this is a WiP as I tune the Talon but I’m happy with these settings.

Thanks very much, this will help as a starting point for my tuning. now on to other things… I have another issue posted in the 2.76 firmware section of this forum. Still not able to get airborne for the APM maiden because I want to troubleshoot the heck out of this system and learn it as best I can while everything is safe and on the ground. But problems and bugs just keep arising and I am constantly swatting them out. Please see my post over there is anyone is able to lend any guidance on that issue, I’d certainly appreciate it. It seems to be one of my last hurdles… everyithing else is proceeding well.