PID Tuning Problem

Hello guys,
I have a problem with tuning PID.
Please information Where to start tuning PID.

  • Tuning D ->tuning P -> tuning I-> Stabilize (Pitch, Roll, Yaw)?
    Where to start? Rate PID or Stabilize (Roll, Pitch, Yaw)

You can try this

Happy flying :slightly_smiling_face:

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You need to start by reading this

Hi Chris,
We need a bit more physical info about the craft, and a .bin log file please.
What sort of issues are you having?

I’m actually finding that there’s usually not much PID tuning needed if you can:

  1. reduce vibrations to a minimum
  2. motor/prop/ESC/battery/take-off-weight all match requirements (eg: motors not struggling)
  3. get rid of vibrations
  4. set the Filters, MOT_BAT_VOLT, MOT_THST_EXPO parameters correctly
  5. fix all vibration issues
  6. set up ESC BLHeli telem if available
  7. set up the Harmonic Notch filtering as soon as practical
  8. do some basic test flights, post a link to a .bin log if needed
  9. check for vibrations and fix them!
  10. Autotune will take care if the rest in most cases

Basically if there’s serious wobbles or instability then something is very wrong, and it’s not just a tweak to the PID tuning. I’m finding vibrations, and setting filters TOO low to (incorrectly) try and filter out vibration effects is causing control issues and Autotune is not able to work as intended.
And did I mention Vibrations? :slight_smile:

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I think there’s a drinking game in there somewhere. :slight_smile:

I’m already there :beer:

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