PID tuning Hexa - Roll and Pitch different values?

Hi all,

I’ve done lots of searching but can’t find an answer so I’ll ask the specific question and cross my fingers you can enlighten me.
First the back ground. I did an auto tune. very happy with pitch and yaw results. Roll never seems to get it quite right and is always different to the pitch values.

Question: Is it normal to have different values for pitch and roll, as when manually tuning (ch6) mission planner wants to do it together (and every example ive seen they are the same values also).
Also, no one seems to mention the “stabilize roll” value in mission planner. what is this value for?

Tarot 680pro (hexa)
x-rotor 40amp esc
multistar 16ah
30min flight time

surely some one has some input?

Most of my hex (X config) experience has been with slightly different pitch and roll tuning values. There are many cases where locking the values to be the same for each would be fine.