PID tuning for Agri Drone which is heavy

Hi All,

We have created a huge Agri drone(14L capacity) using Pixhawk 1, the copter take off and landing is pretty good in stabilized mode . However I have not done PID tuning, the copter is tuned to default PIDS.

What is the best way to tune the PIDs , as I do not wish to go with auto tune procedure keeping in view of battery support , I am not sure copter can hold for 5 mins to complete the auto tune procedure.


you can do one axis at a time, even so 5 mins is probably abit ambitious. Auto tune is defiantly the way to go, just load up with battery’s

FWIW from our experience (we only have a 15kg MAUW Hex) is autotune is not the best solution for an agri-drone. Just think of the differences 14kg will make to your tuning from take off to landing. We just manually tuned to the best average. We err on a little less ‘locked in’ machine when fully loaded - we allow it to decelerate slowly and reduce the lock when hovering to keep the loads off the airframe.

Thank you for all the suggestions. I would need to try the same : )

Simple PID’s test at home with two pieces of broomstick, fixings and ties, elastic ropes and two chairs: