Pid tune help pocketoilot

I am using a pocketbeagle with pocket pilot cape to run arducopter 4.0.4. I had 3.6 running ok. Although hold i wasn’t able to get 100% as it kinda bobbed in place. I printed a anti vibration mount hoping to help with that. I moved to copter 4.0.4 and now get oscillations in stabilize mode. On 3.6 I was able to auto tune to a point. I will attach the parameter file and pictures of quad. It is a iflight titan 5 freestyle frame. It has iflight motors and a geprc 45a esc. I also have a dji caddx vista on the frame but doubt it has anything to do with my issues. Motors are 2208 2450kv and using a 4s 1500 lipoifight-dc-5-pocketpilot-copter-4.0.4-rc3.param (19.7 KB)

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here is a log from my flight as well69-12-31_19-00-00.bin (320 KB)

Really recommend you configure the harmonic notch - makes a big difference on these smaller copters

I’ll look into it but at this point I am completely new to that aspect of arducopter