PID settings help requested


I have built a new setup:
Tarrot octo frame 1000
Turnigy 45A OPTO esc’s
Aerostart 4340 500KV motors
1555 Carbon props
2x 6S 5000mah 22 volt LIpo

I would like to use MIssion Planner (with HK 2.6 fligbht controller (APM)) to see if I can fly this monster :slight_smile:
I have tried DJI M-V2 but in ATTI mode it will just “cattapult” the drone in the air and crash.
The lifting power of the blades and engines is way too high :slight_smile:

could someone that has a similar setup give me some PID settings to start with?
No problem to tune afterwards (have done so with several drones) but I am pretty sure that the default settings will be over responsive.

The theoratical lifting power is 7-8 kg!
But for Test flight(s) I would not like to put extra weight just to make it less responsive to my sticks and drain the batteries moer :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help. OctoFly

I have a similar setup, with similar powered motors, esc’s and batteries (also 6S). Except my frame is a V configuration with four arms and two motors per arm (counter rotating props 14 inch). It flies almost fine with the Pixhawk and firmware 3.2. Only during fast yaws it wobbles quite a bit in roll and pitch. But other than that it flies exactly the same as my much smaller F550 with a Pixhawk and the same PID settings.

My calculated max lifting power is 14kg.

I did no PID tuning because both copters are nicely responsive and there is no overshoot and no oscillations when I command fast roll and pitch changes. Also in loiter both copters are rock steady.


This sure helps :slight_smile:
I will give the “standard” settings a try and hope that it flies fine :slight_smile:

Thanks for taking the time to answer…

This is what I’m using for a Tarot 960 with Foxtech 5010 motors and 18" props. So very overpowered. Rock solid. I’m going to try these setting for a new 1300 X8 with U8pro motors and 28" propellers. Hopefully it works just as well.