PID attenuation by Pitot airspeed?

Is there a setting in the 3.9 release (or any prior) that I’m missing to allow for PID Attenuation using input from a pitot airspeed sensor?

Control throws need to move a lot at low airspeed so the P term would be very large, but at higher airspeeds the control surfaces need to deflect very little to achi be the same correction.

My fixed wing flys fine in Auto or FBW modes at low to moderate airspeed, but when I fly at what I believe to be higher airspeeds or in a dive, I start experiencing a wobble that can turn into a P term oscillation.

Please forgive me if I have missed this in the release notes or as a feature & direct me to the parameter field where I can utilize this PID attenuation feature in the params.

If this does not exist, can this be added to the code as a feature in a future release? I would think it would be similar to the TPA (Throttle Point Attenuation) like on my miniquad running Betaflight.

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That is called “surface speed scaling” and has been in all versions of ArduPilot since the project started.

logs needed to diagnose
Cheers, Tridge

Now I feel like an idiot… I completely disregarded surface speed scaling as I thought that had to do with data interpreted from the GPS as surface speed and airspeed can be very different…

Thank you for addressing this Tridge. (Even though it’s in the APM Plane FAQ… I really feel dumb)

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