Pics and Video threads- thoughts?

Hey guys… I was considering putting up a subforum for pics/vids under each top-level, such as one for Copter, one for Plane, one for Rover, to get some folks sharing what they’re doing… kind of a more fun thread than the normal support threads. Any thoughts or objections?

I wanted to do one under each so that they were grouped by type, but am open to just a top-level one for everyone to post all types in? Could get unorganized quickly though…

I don’t know if this fits here. The idea was to have this forum for support and DIYD for sharing stuff and community.

Sorry for the late reply, didn’t realize you got back to me so quickly on this Stefan.

I get your point, but frankly DIYD sucks for threads. A thread with a bunch of success stories might be neat, and more of an encouragement for people to bring their support issues here. Not so much the blog style stuff, just a “Hey check this thing out that I did today” kind of thread.

Oh well, thought it could be fun…

We are actively trying to separate the support from the rest of the posts. Videos, while fun can live some place else and not clutter this place with unnecessary search results and notifications.