Pb with accelerometers calibration

quad x apm2.5 rx jeti 2.4 gps
I jut completed my quad and went through the calibration sequence everything is all right except the accelerometers calibration, mission planner doesn’t wait for i press a key so the all process is done in 5 sec and obviously fails .

I did it last time with only the apm on the desk and it worked. the only change : new mission planner version and rx and esc connected (but not powered)

is it something i did wrong ? new mp version bug ?, pb with the connection ? do i to do that with the APM only or as it was done already no need to do it again (i would prefer to do it again because not sure to have done it correctly)

thank you

I got the solution: reinstall mission planner , look like the automatic update broke something.

everything work nicely now

is ther a way to manually tune the accelerometers calibration ?
look like it is 2*3 degree off after a few try off calibration

thank you